Area Business Manager, Wouri (Bilingual), Chef de secteur commercial, Wouri (Bilingue), Wouri, Sun King Energy

Area Business Manager, Wouri (Bilingual), Chef de secteur commercial, Wouri (Bilingue), Wouri, Sun King Energy

Role Responsibilities/ Responsabilités du rôle

The Area Business Manager will drive sales, collections and distribution operations in the area they are assigned for the direct distribution of Sun King Solar products sold on Pay-As-You-Basis (also called and recognized as “EasyBuy” Business unit) through a network of agents called as “Energy Officer”. EasyBuy technology and services allows customers to purchase units by paying for their Solar products in small installments, thus ensuring they are extremely affordable for off-grid or rural customers. The Area Business Manager is ultimately accountable for generating sales, ensuring collections are timely and accurate and keeping the entire Direct Distribution growing rapidly in a sustainable manager.

What you would be expected to do:

Hire & retain Energy Officers: Hire,      train and maintain a team of at least 40 active Sun King Energy Officers      in the area. Use multiple avenues for finding the right talent to sell Sun King EasyBuy products with the help of village influencers such as the village heads, teachers, religious heads, doctors, farmers and others, as applicable. Create a reputation and goodwill for the mission of Sun King to provide clean, affordable and reliable source of energy in their areas.

Training of Energy Officers: Provide training to the Energy Officers on several aspects of the business such as sales, collections, product, technical, inventory and logistics related. Ensure that they are fully guided and supervise in the best professional manner demonstrating highest levels of integrity, ethics and professionalism  while dealing with customers.

Provide role clarity to Energy Officers: Provide complete clarity to Energy Officers related to their day to day tasks,  sales & collections plans, routes and targets. This includes, ensuring Energy Officers have a pre-agreed sales route/area to sell in, they understand how to demonstrate and sell Sun King products, they have the confidence to be able to present and resolve basic customer queries on the spot and they have access to Area Business Manager at all times in case of     questions and concerns.

Daily field visits: Have a weekly  touchpoint with every Energy Officer in your area – either through  in-person meetings, making a sale to the customer in your area or having a  call. Resolve all possible issues faced by the Energy Officers and report them to your Regional Business Manager, every week. Ensure that first 5 sales of each Energy Officer is done along with the Area Business Manager  in the area, by each Energy Officer to ensure that the core sales and collection process is fully understood by each Energy Officer.

Work with Energy Officers: Conduct  joint field work with a group of Energy Officers to provide sales and  collection training on a weekly basis and drive EO engagement. This  includes doing night activations, market activations, visiting local  communities and gatherings such as SACCOs, Self Help groups, retail centers and markets to make group sales.

Exceed your sales & collections targets: Meet or  exceed sales and collection targets established and agreed on 2nd of every  month by your Regional Business Manager. Provide daily, weekly updates on      sales, EO recruitments, Customer issues and resolutions, as desired and      agreed with your Regional Business Manager.

Drive robust field sales processes: Review  collection progress with your Energy Officers daily and provide adequate   training to them on driving better collections in your areas. This  includes, customer and area profiling, ensuring regular and timely collection follow-ups, resolving customer issues to ensure they make payments and ultimately repossessing the systems as a last recourse in  case the customer defaults.

Remain externally focused: Keep an eye on competition within your area and ensure you take adequate measures  to protect and grow our business from competitive pressures. Pro-actively  inform your management team and take measures to ensure Sun King remains a      paramount brand name in Solar products for your area.

Resolve customer issues: Provide  world-class care to your customers as it relates to product delivery,  training on how to use and make payments, installation, after sales  warranty issues. Ensure that you work with your Energy Officers to establish clear expectations and processes to resolve all customer issues  within 24 hours.

Control Marketing & Other Support spend: Provide adequate marketing support & equipment (such as smartphones) necessary  to all your Energy Officers. Ensure we get maximum return on investment      for all the costs we incur in areas of marketing, supply chain, store      maintenance and smartphone issuance.

Review meetings with Energy Officers: Conduct  weekly table meetings with Energy Officers and ensure that you have RBM  present in those meetings to resolve any outstanding customers or EO  issues. Coordinate, plan and organize the meeting to have maximum      attendance and progress. Recognize outstanding performers from time to  time and ensure the motivation of Energy Officers is maintained at an  all-time high.

Grow Retail presence: Ensure the retail  network in your Area grows with the help of an Area Retail Coordinator,  hired under you. Ensure all retail related activities are followed per  process and the base of high-selling retailer grows exponentially within  your area of operation.

You might be a strong candidate if you have :

The ideal Area Business Manager:

Have a degree in a Business-related field OR equivalent and at least 3 years hands on experience in Sales.

Have excellent Computer knowledge with comprehensive knowledge of Excel and PowerPoint.

Are based in Cameroon and are familiar with the town or city in which the job is located

Are able to speak English and French

Has extensive Customer Care experience

Have high innovative skills, thinking out of the box, tests out opinions, cost conscious

Are  excellently skilled in Planning, Organizing, Prioritizing, maximizing value and see the big picture

Are  able to develop trust, skillfully builds relations, works on internal & external relationships

Listen well, coach others and are disciplined in their learning practice

Have Operation Excellence (Keeps promise, apply good opinions, seeks to be informed and gives excellent Customer Satisfaction.

What we offer (in addition to compensation and statutory benefits):

An opportunity to grow as a professional in a dynamic, fast growing, high impact industry;

The chance to work in an open minded, collaborative culture surrounded by enthusiastic Greenlighters who are driven by the aim of continuously innovating and growing a smart, sustainable business with profound impact on the world;

A truly multicultural experience: you will have the chance to work with and learn from people from different geographies, nationalities, and backgrounds.

Structured, tailored learning and development programs that help you become a better manager, and professional through the Greenlight Academy.

About Sun King

Sun King designs, distributes, and finances the purchase of solar powered home energy solutions for the world’s 1.3 billion under-electrified consumers.  We are market leaders in the distributed off-grid solar industry, and our Sun King™ products have enabled 90 million people around the world to access clean, reliable, solar-powered light and energy at home.

Sun King products range from portable solar lamps to more robust multi-light solar home systems, to solar-powered televisions and fans and energy-efficient inverter bulbs.  Our products drastically improve the quality of life for those that lack reliable electricity access: they help extend the number of productive, income-generating hours in a day; they enable children to study after dark; they allow families and communities to gather safely to socialize after sunset; and when replacing field-based sources of light like kerosene lamps, they reduce exposure to indoor air pollution.

We reach our customers through two distinct business models: a vast network of more than 300 distribution partners across 40 countries, and through our EasyBuy™ Direct sales channel, where we sell directly to consumers in India, Kenya, Myanmar, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, Togo, and Zambia through a network of more than 15,000 commission sales agents.  Our customers have the option to purchase these products upfront or to pay for them through an installment payment plan over a period of 4-18 months through our Sun King EasyBuy™ line, our technology-enabled ‘pay-as-you-go’ (PAYG) systems.

Sun King employs more than 2,000 people in 11 countries across sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.  We are passionate about serving off-grid customers, and we are driven by the challenge of continuously innovating and growing a smart, sustainable business with a profound impact on the world.

Sun King is committed to gender equality in the workplace.  Women represent 47% of Sun king’s workforce.

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