Communication Consultant, Consultante en communication, Yaoundé, IFRC

Communication Consultant, Consultante en communication, Yaoundé, IFRC

Role Responsibilities/ Responsabilités du rôle

Despite the enormous efforts made by the international community, persistent hunger and malnutrition continue to be a major problem for millions of people around the world in general and in Cameroon in particular. In this Central African country, located at the bottom of the Gulf of Guinea, bordered to the north by Chad, to the east by the Central African Republic (CAR), to the south by Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea and to the west by Nigeria, 40% of the 27.2 million Cameroonians live below the poverty line. 52% of these people are women.

Cameroon’s Human Development Index (HDI) value in 2019 was 0.563. This value is low compared to the world average for the same year, which was 0.737, placing this country in the “medium human development” category and 153rd among 189 countries and territories4.

In addition to natural disasters, intra-community conflicts, epidemics, including the COVID-19 pandemic, which exacerbate vulnerabilities and affect the resilience of vulnerable people in Cameroon, the country has been heavily affected by three complex crises for several years: the armed conflict between the Non-State Armed Groups (NAG) and the Regular Army that has intensified in the North West and South West regions (NOSO); the NAG insurgency in the Lake Chad Basin causing an influx of refugees from Nigeria, internal displacement in the Far North region, and the influx of Central African Republic (CAR) refugees in the East, Adamaoua and North regions. These events have caused the displacement of more than one million people within the country and approximately 449,000 refugees, resulting in an increase in the number of food insecure people.

OCHA estimates that in 2022, 3.9 million people need humanitarian assistance. Of these people, 2.4 million are estimated to be severely food insecure over the period from June to August 2022.Between 2020 and 2021, pre-existing vulnerabilities were exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the war in Ukraine putting additional pressure on the cost of living and humanitarian assistance, prices of imported manufactured goods have increased by 25-60% from pre-pandemic levels.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) reached a record high of 124 points in March 20228. The cost of food increased by 9.8% in March 2022 compared to March 20219. In the conflict-ridden areas of the NOSO, most poor households have already exhausted their own stocks10. “Dueto higher-than-average commodity prices and lower than average agricultural and pastoral incomes, food consumption gaps are widening and the use of unsustainable coping

mechanisms (borrowing, sending children away to be fed outside the home, buying on credit)

is increasing.”

IFRC has launched an Emergency Appeal will support a total of 545,079 people affected by this climate and crisis-induced food insecurity, with essential, lifesaving, humanitarian, and early recovery support over 24 months.

The Appeal is aligned with the Government of Cameroon’s estimation of need and will focus operations and programming in the hardest food insecurity affected regions of Cameroon:

Adamaoua, East, Far North, Littoral, Northwest, Southwest, and West regions.

Given the above context, IFRC is looking for an experienced consultant or communication agency to produce valuable audio-visual material to be used for communication around the food crisis in Cameroon to target audiences

Job Purpose

The consultant hired to produce a variety of written, text materials for this story will be

expected to: travel to various locations in Cameroon hopefully in all seven regions

targeted by the emergency appeal (and at least in East, South-West, West, Far North).

He conducts own research on the local situation, interview sources and key

characters, conduct interviews alongside IFRC comms in which videos segments are

being recorded by other team members, produce an overview piece and a variety of

short texts for social media.

Consultant will also produce 7, one-minute, edited, vertical IGTV format that brings

each story to life for social media platforms in the person’s own words. In this case,

consultant will ensure the translation in a proper English/ French transcript/subtitle to

go with each story.

The goal of these stories is to show realities that each person has faced in Cameroon.

The stories will illustrate the dire need to accompany and support people on this

journey and in finding solutions to address their needs and vulnerabilities (TBD).

To arrive at the desired 4 text portraits and video profiles, the consultant will interview

7 – Cameroonians living in different situations and several characters involved in other


Contact and introduction to the people will be facilitated by volunteers and staff of the

Cameroon Red Cross. Candidates will be selected based on the quality of their stories,

and their ability to express their story (must be willing to be photographed and videos;

speak freely, clearly and as completely as possible about their situation with some

degree of animation).

Aspects to be considered:

 Footage submission:  Photos-  Broll-  Video interviews- Internal

o To be shared as each batch is ready.

 We are looking to produce stories that will activate viewers’ senses and

emotions. Therefore, a close attention to details is mandatory for this

 production. Think about how to craft stories that will connect the with the person

we’re telling the story about.

 Signed consent forms from all the people who are interviewed. If there are

minors, the parents or guardians will need to sign it.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Project objectives

To produce creative narratives through compelling and people-centered photos and

video clips that help us connect emotionally to our audience and to engage them by

raising awareness on some of the most critical humanitarian crises around the world.

Desired outcomes

To showcase widely across Movement digital platforms and external media/digital

outlets the extent of the food insecurity crisis in Cameroon.


The key outputs will be:

  1. English editing of subtitles for one-minute videos of each of the key characters

that corresponds to the portrait photo taken of each. 9:16 format – raw and

mobile phone style but well edited and with good sound. This will be for

Instagram reels, TikTok etc. (Transcription/translation will be required in form

of SRT subtitle files for use in translation to other languages).

 Videos: between 1- 2-minute video stories on each of the key

areas (Social media suitable, with social media edits)

 EG:

 Translations where needed

 Broll with shot list

  1. Captions for a second set of powerful, captivating accompanying

photos/captions to help explain or take us deeper into the characters’ stories

 Photos: at least 120 – 150 still edited photos

 Examples of Photos required


 The style of our photographs should be a bright, natural,

dynamic look at the real world around us. The imagery

should be strong, emotional, and empowering, with the

focus on people.

Job Duties and Responsibilities (continued)

Technical Specifications (detailed specs in separate manuals)

After the consultant provides first drafts of each video, there will be several exchanges

with the IFRC communications officer, the Cameroon Red Cross until obtaining the

final versions to release.

Support to be provided to the service provider

 Assistance with logistics and planning details

 Shooting plan, interview guidelines, contacts, and people to interview with

National Society and in the community, etc).

 Other resources and sources needed for the consultant to ensure the delivery

of the stories.

 Timely response and feedback on delivered assets to meet key deadlines

Mission duration (20 days in Cameroon incl possible travel days)

Just a short summary of the key deliverable:

 Inception report

 7 video interviews edited and texted, and a clean version.

 7 photo written story interviews

 B-roll with shot list

 120 -150 photos with captions

 Final report.


Good knowledge of humanitarian context in Cameroun.

 Excellent audio-visual and digital production capacity in

both French and English

 Proven track record of successful advocacy campaigns.

 Evidence of close collaboration with high profile individuals

in sports, arts, policy, media, advocacy, etc.

 Excellent close collaboration with high value global and pan

African media outlets.

 Ability to travel in the different areas to collect AV materials



Proven experience in similar activities

Knowledge, Skills and Languages

Fluent in French and English

Ps: Please send us your technical and financial offer at

Competencies, Values and Comments

Communication; Collaboration ; Judgement and decision making; National society and customer relations; Creativity and innovation; Building trust, Professional mastery; Results focus and accountability; Integrity; Diversity

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