Programme Coordinator, Coordonnateur du programme, Buea, INTERSOS

Programme Coordinator, Coordonnateur du programme, Buea, INTERSOS

Role Responsibilities/ Responsabilités du rôle

General context of the project

The present rise of violence in the Regions of the North West and the South West have affected many, be they victims or witnesses of violence. Many, despite the healing of their wounds are left with deep psychological trauma requiring immediate attention.

Victims of violence report suffering from psychological distress, sometimes severe.

If the severity of the symptoms is not recognized by the person affected or their family and not treated in time, psychological disorders might develop, such as chronic anxiety, depression, mood disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, psychosis and, in the case of children, development disorder. To takle this situtaion, the The project goal is to support comunities in accurately identifying the psychological needs of victims and putting in place the appropriate supportive intervention and/or therapy, requiring mental health professionals (psychiatrists and psychologists) and trained, PSS facilitators with appropriate skills, knowledge and experience relevant to supporting victims of violence and people affected by conflict presenting distress and mental health issues.

General purpose of the position

The MHPSS Project Manager will:

Supervise the implementation and the development of the mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) activities in the project

Supervise, support and train the mental health/PSS staff (Both INTERSOS and Local Partner)

Coordinate the mental health activities with Local Partner

Guarantee the relevancy and the quality of the mental health/psychosocial activities carried out

Participate in assessment or emergency interventions in case of needs

Main responsibilities and tasks

Project Management

Planning, coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the project, ensuring timely and quality delivery of services as per approved project’s proposal;

Ensure, in line with INTERSOS internal rules and regulations, donor regulations and international humanitarian standard (such as SPHERE) the management of the project;

Conduct regular field visits to assess program quality and progress toward objectives, facilitate collective problem solving with staff and other stakeholders to address challenges;

Liaising with project Local partners, ensuring regular meetings, structured supervision, feedback mechanisms are in place.

Plan and distribute tasks and workload among the teams, guiding their understanding of the issues linked to the Project and the Mission through regular working meetings and feedback, in order to ensure an efficient deployment of the resources and the achievement of the expected goals;

Inform the field team on the instructions given by the Coordination Office promoting fluent, smooth written and oral communication and information flow and ensuring confidentiality and full compliance with security rules, protection principles and medical ethics;

Ensure appropriate and correct logistic management of the project, as per INTERSOS regulations and IMP functioning, including care and management of project assets.

Ensure appropriate and correct budget management, as per INTERSOS regulations and IMP functioning;

Monitor the risks and threats around the project(s), documenting the situation and analyzing the consequences of political decisions or negotiations in course;


Ensure that the INTERSOS and standard PSS protocols as well as individual counselling tools are adapted to the specificities of the cultural context and implemented on the project.

Ensure quality and pertinence of mental health/PSS activities

Facilitate regular meetings, trainings and supervision within the mental health team

Organize and lead other mental community activities at project level: radio programs, community visits, trainings to MoH, etc.

Participate in meetings with INTERSOS protection staff to ensure harmonization of PSS activities and tools and effective referrals of clinical cases to the project team and od PSS cases to other INTERSOS protection team in the area if needed.

Network activities

Liaising with sector appropriate local government and authorities, non-state actors, UN agencies, NGOs, and donors at field site level, in coordination with the Programme Coordinator and the HoM

Data collection and analysis of activities

Ensure the set-up of patient files and data collection tools and their regular update (according to the template agreed with the SV MH advisor

Ensure the setup of a database to MHPSS activities in line with the logframe indicators and update it regularly

Elaborate the monthly report activity (narrative & statistics)


Licensed qualified clinical psychologist

Professional experience

Essential field experience of at least two years as psychologist/ in clinical setting

Compulsory working experience in developing countries

Compulsory working experience with INTERSOS or other NGOs

Compulsory experience in managing staff

Professional requirements

Essential computer literacy (Word, Excel and Internet)

Mandatory Training on Mh_Gap

Familiar with international guidelines (IASC – WHO)

Familiar with PM+ intervention (mandatory trained in PM+)


English and French mandatory

Personal requirements

solution oriented

capable of managing staff proactively and resolve conflict

skilled in budget and grant management

General Conditions – Type of duty station

Non family duty station

Remuneration   According to position and seniority

Transportation  Round-trip flight. For any mission lasting at least 12 months, at 9 months one free plane ticket to the Country of residency and back to the mission for the humanitarian worker

Medical insurance           Medical Insurance; reimbursement for vaccines, medical certificate and PCR test for deployment; psychosocial support on request

Visa        Visas

Annual leave      2.5 days per month

Installation costs              N/A

School fees         N/A

Induction             Online orientation course

Notes 1 INTERSOS applies a “Learning & Development Policy” which includes the possibility to receive capacitation and participate in internal and external training. Priority will be given to Staff working for INTERSOS for more than two years. Staff with a seniority >2 with a demonstrated good performance and high commitment will be invited to be part of the INTERSOS Pool and to create their “Personal Development Plan”. They will be then accompanied individually by the Personnel Development Coordinator to shape their capacity-building plan.

Notes 2 The categorization of Family, Non-Family, and Accompanied Duty stations is subject to security criteria, access to health and education services.

General Conditions – Accommodation

Shared Guesthouse

General Conditions – R&R

6 days of R&R each 12 weeks + 600$ allowance

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