Sites Officer, Douala, IHS Towers

Sites Officer, Douala, IHS Towers

Role Responsibilities/ Responsabilités du rôle

A dedicate technical candidate controlling all his sites’ operational aspects (Optimizing Preventive & Curative Maintenance, organizing consumables/diesel orders, releasing daily detailed maintenance reports (maintenance, spare parts used, consumables, diesel, consumption…), correct utilization of set tools in place _ i.e. Online Maintenance Application), Supporting with specifications for better equipment selection and spare parts selection, controlling inventory & stocks in hand and providing detailed reporting, meeting set KPIs & targets by the management, optimize preventive maintenance and actualize for related Region versus budget.


▪ Liaise with Team Leader, Regional for his managed Site(s) to optimize operations’

performance (through enhancing controls, optimizing preventive maintenance, spare parts

control and availability, team’s distribution…);

▪ Support Team Leader, Regional in Keeping IHSCAM portfolio updated and optimized through

the correct and accurate reporting using as IHS Online Maintenance Application.

Site names; Site IDs;

Site’s topology (confirm Power Topology through making sure exactly what the

actual topology is versus planned i.e. Site is Grid-Gen but Grid is not yet


Coordinates (verify with supplied GPS)

Classifications (verify with client representative and Team Leader, Regional to

make sure we are not surprised when a normal site is turned backbone),

Power system installed (Generator capacity in KVA, solar system installed,

batteries installed, rectifiers….)

Security companies (watching over the availability of guard from the related

security company (day/night), immediate release Incident certificate for any

problem faced on site)

Cleaning companies (confirming sites in my basket are always clean by taking

photos and that sites are clean inside and outside (4m surrounding it),

Maintenance SBCs (overlook the correct maintenance of the subcontractor

when applicable)

▪ Define Preventive / Routine maintenance schedules and plans (upgrades) for related sites

based on the automatic scheduler within the IHS Online Maintenance Application.

▪ Follow up SBC preventive maintenance and insure the work quality to be delivered as per


▪ Meeting SBC technicians and report to team lead all challenges.

▪ Ensure preventive and curative maintenance timelines along with quality are met & delivered;

▪ Ensure my weekly expenses are being reported weekly to my Team Leader, Regional with all

correct justifications attached…

▪ Ensure for any expense supportive document which is not meeting Finance requirement

(invoice should include # RC _ Registre de Commerce et # NC _ Numero de Contribution) is

attached with Discharge Certificate.

▪ Ensure within the Team Leader, Regional that any new site added to my maintenance basket

from the Rollout will be following the HandOver process making sure:

– HO _ HandOver Certificate is signed.

Key Performance Indicators

100% accurate date reporting through IHS Online Maintenance Application

▪ 100% routine Maintenance Schedule is met and accomplished Getting site

maintenance in accordance with routine schedules;

▪ Sites power availability is kept @ 99.8% in the related sites;

▪ SBCs’ availability is kept @ 99.8%

▪ My availability is kept @ 99.8%

▪ MTTR is optimized @ 2 hours;

▪ Make sure Customers’ NUR< 200

▪ Minimize MTBF to nil;

▪ Cost reduction ideas and management;

▪ Guide Team Leader, Regional to optimize No of regions/sites managing & distribution

▪ Support Team Leader, Regional to ensure average cost reduction per site

▪ Customer satisfaction

▪ Diesel Consumption reduction

▪ Diesel theft reduction through excessive daily control;

▪ Ensure spare parts / consumables available within my car;

▪ Ensure replaced spare parts and consumables are returned labelled to regional warehouse as a confirmation that spare parts/consumables delivered previously are tracked and confirmed

replaced on my sites;

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