Senior Sales Manager, Douala, Huawei

Senior Sales Manager, Douala, Huawei

Role Responsibilities/ Responsabilités du rôle

Position responsibility:

  1. Take charge of market insight, proactively collect market information and customer information, explore project opportunities, and be forward-looking and sensitive to the market.
  1. Develop the sales plan and lead the team to implement it together to ensure the achievement of the sales plan.
  1. Understand and master the sales experience of ICT products. Understand products, customer requirements, and sales.
  1. Communicate with customers, explore potential customers, and create value for customers.

Professional Knowledge:

  1. Have at least three years of market sales capability, have successfully led the bidding of projects, and have historical insights into the ICT industry market.
  1. Have at least two years of experience in developing government and enterprise customers and be enthusiastic about customers. Be able to fully listen to and understand customer requirements. Have good customer communication skills and relationship management capabilities.
  1. Have experience in leading a team, have good team management and team cohesion, and be able to integrate resources to the maximum extent.

Business Skill:

  1. be able to use English as the working language to ensure smooth and natural communication.
  1. Have a good command of office software such as Word, Excel, and PPT.
  1. Be able to work hard in difficult areas for a long time, be positive, optimistic, confident and tenacity, and have the ability to self-regulate and manage emotions.

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