Strategic Treasury Specialist, Greenwich, Viking Global Investors

Strategic Treasury Specialist, Greenwich, Viking Global Investors

Role Responsibilities

POSITION: Strategic Treasury Specialist

LOCATION: 280 Park Ave, New York, NY or 55 Railroad Ave, Greenwich, CT


The Strategic Treasury Specialist will be a member of a 3-person Treasury effort. The primary initial focus will be establishing our approach to supporting the launch of a standalone corporate credit fund and managing funding for the new credit fund and existing private equity fund thereafter. Responsibilities include building relationships with prime broker partners, acting as the business lead for documentation, managing funding and access to credit facilities and designing tools and workflows to manage margin and collateral.  In addition, the candidate will work alongside the Head of Equity Portfolio Finance to promote the establishment of a sustainable, resilient and stable treasury effort across systems and processes for all asset classes.  In doing this work, the candidate will collaborate across Viking departments, including the investment staff, quant analytics, the trading team, legal and compliance, trading operations, and information technology.

The role will report into the Head of Trading. The Strategic Treasury Specialist will be responsible for:

Establishing corporate credit prime broker relationships (repo, margin, documentation).

Managing funding, financing and access to liquidity for the fixed income and private equity portfolio.

Designing systems and processes to manage margin and collateral across credit products.

Engaging in counterparty risk management and counterparty surveillance.

Partnering with the Head of Equity Finance and Strategic Quant to advance the entire treasury unit

Developing a tabletop process manual for the Treasury function.


The ideal candidate will have:

10+ years of experience in corporate credit, equities or related financing positions.

Strong quantitative and analytical skills.

A university degree with a record of excellence.

The ideal candidate possesses the following traits:

Strategic mindset: an ability to look at the big picture and develop an action plan.

Commercial Approach: a focus on achieving economic efficiencies.

Execution orientation: an ability to make progress towards a vision and complete tasks.

Intellectual honesty: an ability to make reasoned judgements.

Team-orientation: an ability to work collaboratively across the Viking team.

Excellent communication: clear, confident communicator with strong written and verbal skills.

Proactivity: an ability to recognize, anticipate and address needs with a strong sense of urgency.

Continuous improvement-orientation: willingness and passion to innovate and evolve process.

Overview of Viking Global Investors LP (“Viking”)        ​

​Viking Global Investors LP (“Viking”) is a global investment firm founded in 1999.  We employ a fundamentals-driven investment approach to managing more than $40 billion of capital across long/short, long-only, public/private hybrid and private-only strategies.1  Across our funds, our primary goal is to provide investors with best-in-class performance.  We believe operational excellence is essential to our management of the capital with which we have been entrusted.  We have approximately 240 employees, including 52 investment professionals, across five offices: Greenwich, New York, Hong Kong, London and San Francisco.  We seek to attract people who exhibit our Firm’s core values of intellectual honesty, analytical rigor, continuous improvement, individual accountability and integrity.  Viking is registered as an investment adviser with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

As part of our fundamental approach to investment selection, Viking generally places particular emphasis on risk-weighted return potential.  We leverage our core competencies, which include analyzing industry dynamics and business models, evaluating the strength of management teams and assigning company valuations, to select investments primarily in equity securities, but also in credit and other financial instruments.  Viking generally performs a number of tasks that may include the following: detailed review of a company’s products and services; market analyses to estimate the size of the future market for such products and services; analyses of a company’s financial information; evaluations of a company’s management team; discussions with a company’s potential customers and competitors; consultations with industry experts; reviews of alternative data; quantitative analyses and reviews of other quantitative inputs; and reviews of the macroeconomic, regulatory and technological dynamics affecting a company’s prospects.

Responsibility for identifying and selecting investments is distributed across an investment team principally comprising portfolio managers, investment analysts and private investment professionals.  Public market investment decisions are generally made by portfolio managers who have been assigned specific industry or geographic coverage areas and are subject to internally determined portfolio risk limits.  Portfolio managers are supported by investment analysts who are tasked with researching investment ideas and generating investment theses.  The Chief Investment Officer (the “CIO”) oversees the public investment effort and is responsible for striking an appropriate balance between concentrating the equity portfolios in the most attractive investment ideas and maintaining an appropriate level of exposure and diversification.

The private investment team is led by a portfolio manager (the “Head of Private Equity”) who is principally responsible for sourcing attractive private investments, overseeing the investment process, managing position holdings, and recruiting, mentoring and developing talent.  The Head of Private Equity is supported by private investment professionals, including deal captains, who typically source private investments, lead deal negotiations and manage position holdings.  Viking’s investment team works collaboratively, and private investments may be sourced, executed or managed by any member of the investment staff.

We believe our investment process can be applied consistently and, by training and mentoring our investment staff, we seek to develop a deep bench of investment talent.  Our public and private investment professionals receive support from a team of research specialists who are embedded in the investment organization.  This team comprises an ESG analyst, a policy analyst, and investigative and data analysts.  We also believe that credit research adds a complementary perspective to our assessment of companies.  The Firm has hired a Head of Credit to expand Viking’s credit investing capabilities and to find alternative ways to express investment ideas in public and private businesses.

The structure of Viking’s investment organization is designed to distribute broadly the responsibility for identifying and selecting investments to subject matter experts, while centralizing risk management with the Chief Executive Officer, who is responsible for monitoring and managing the aggregate risks of the Funds’ portfolios.  This structure enables Viking to capitalize on the particular expertise of each senior investment professional while avoiding the pitfalls of a committee approach to risk management.

We endeavor to operate in a best-in-class manner and operations teams play a key role in identifying and mitigating risk.  When operations run smoothly, the investment team can focus its attention on investing. We strive to continuously evaluate and improve upon our systems and processes, taking into account business needs, regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

In pursuing best-in-class performance and operations, Viking incorporates environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) practices into our fundamental investment framework and how we manage our firm.  We believe that incorporating ESG practices into our firm culture and operations can reduce risk, strengthen our teams and ultimately lead to better investment and business outcomes.  Viking recognizes that best practices related to ESG are evolving and we are committed to continuously improving our approach over time.

VIKING CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE:  This document contains proprietary and confidential information and is intended only for the person to whom or on whose behalf it is addressed (the “intended recipient”).  If you are not the intended recipient, please destroy all copies of this document and notify us immediately.  Thank you.

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