Recruiting Associate, Operations, Westport, Bridgewater Associates

Recruiting Associate, Operations, Westport, Bridgewater Associates

Role Responsibilities

About Bridgewater

Bridgewater Associates is a premier asset management firm, focused on delivering unique insight and partnership for the most sophisticated global institutional investors.

Our investment process is driven by a tireless pursuit to understand how the world’s markets and economies work — using cutting edge technology to validate and execute on timeless and universal investment principles.

Founded in 1975, we are a community of independent thinkers who share a commitment for excellence. By fostering a culture of openness, transparency, and inclusion, we strive to unlock the most complex questions in investment strategy, management, and corporate culture.

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Our Culture

Bridgewater’s unique success is the direct result of our unique way of being. We want an idea meritocracy in which meaningful work and meaningful relationships are pursued through radical truth and radical transparency. We require people to be extremely open, air disagreements, test each other’s logic, and view discovering mistakes and weaknesses as a good thing that leads to improvement and innovation. It is by continually striving together for the highest levels of truth and excellence that we create meaningful work and meaningful relationships. Within this culture, Diversity and Inclusion is a top priority because it is essential to finding the best talent in the world, enabling our idea meritocracy, and creating an environment where all types of people can thrive. We have a full-time team as well as affinity networks that work on these issues – If you would like to learn more, please let your Bridgewater recruiter know.

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About the Investment Engine

Our core mission as an organization is to understand the fundamental drivers of markets and turn that understanding into high-quality portfolios and investment advice for our clients.  We do this in three critical ways: by being fundamental, systematic, and diversified. We seek to understand the economy in a fundamental way, uncovering the timeless and universal cause-and-effect linkages that drive global markets. That understanding is implemented systematically and converted into explicit rules that can be rigorously stress-tested. Finally, we create highly diversified portfolios that are not dependent on any one source of return and can survive a wide range of economic environments.

About the Team

The Investment Engine Recruiting team is responsible for attracting and engaging the world’s best investment talent.  In partnership with our business partners, we identify and cultivate relationships with high caliber talent and converts candidates to hires.  Finding top talent not only sustains Bridgewater’s position as one of the top investment management firms, but also positions the company for the continual innovation necessary to solve tomorrow’s problems.

Bridgewater’s recruiting efforts reflect the Company’s values and principles; and our approach to hiring is systematic and evidence based.

About Your Role

The goal of Bridgewater’s Recruiting Department is to be the best talent acquisition organization in the world. Finding top talent not only sustains Bridgewater’s position as one of the top investment management firms, but also positions the company for the continual innovation necessary to solve tomorrow’s problems in a rapidly changing world. Bridgewater’s Recruiting Department is responsible for partnering with a diverse set of internal business units to build and evolve their organizations by meeting their talent demands and cultivating an exceptional candidate experience.

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Position Summary

As a Recruiting Operations Associate you’ll help us achieve our mission to hook and hire top undergraduate talent by facilitating a seamless recruiting experience and serving as an air traffic controller for the campus community.

You’ll Click With Us If You:

Tend to thrive in dynamic environments, thanks to your agile mind, curiosity, and strong common sense

Are a jack/jill-of-all-trades who’s willing to roll up your sleeves and do what it takes to get the job done

Are a natural “problem perceiver” — you can sense when something’s missing or gone awry

Can keep track of many threads at once — you understand what must happen in a day, a week, a month while keeping the mission in mind

Are open-minded, appreciate direct feedback, and revel in intellectually rigorous environments

You will drive the following responsibilities:

Partnering with your team to help create the best ways to find, attract, and assess talent

Being organized and reliable as you ensure candidates move through the recruiting process smoothly and efficiently

Being a time management wizard, balancing deadlines and demands while organizing multiple streams of information

Building cross-departmental relationships and learning the company’s internal systems

Thinking about the big picture — frequently stepping back to determine how you can systemize processes and categorize people for the benefit of your team and the entire organization

Physical Requirements:

For most of our roles, Bridgewater offers remote work flexibility, with most employees required to work on campus as their principal work location, a minimum of two days (and in some cases three days) per week with the option to work offsite on other days.

Why Choose Bridgewater?

It takes all types to make Bridgewater great. We seek a diverse group of innovative thinkers and push them to engage in rigorous and thoughtful inquiry. We develop people through an honest examination of their abilities and performance, enabling personal growth and professional development. We strive to provide you opportunities that will challenge you and unlock your potential.

In this role, you’ll Grow With Us By

Sharpening your ability to navigate and solve tough problems, becoming more effective as you learn about your own strengths and weaknesses

Taking on larger and more complex projects as you learn from your manager and master the day-to-day responsibilities of your job, having more impact through time

Working within a department responsible for one of Bridgewater’s top strategic priorities while getting to know different groups across the company — giving you a unique view of other Support & Coordination or Management roles you could explore in the future

Minimum Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree with a strong academic record (any field of study)

Professional experience within recruiting or coordination-oriented role is a plus but not required

One of our core priorities at Bridgewater is to enable our employees to build a great life and career, and we believe our benefits are an important extension of that philosophy. As such, currently Bridgewater offers a competitive suite of benefits including:

Health insurance with 100% premium covered and access to additional concierge medical services

401(k) plan with generous employer match

Paid time off, including fully paid parental leave and a competitive PTO package

Workplace flexibility and access to back up childcare

Financial assistance for family building support, including adoption and egg freezing

Workplace wellness, including on-site gyms, free meals and healthy snacks , and meditation rooms

An engaged and active community that includes many company events, affinity networks, and extracurricular interest groups § For a full list of Bridgewater benefits, click here.

Bridgewater reserves the right to change its current benefits program at any time, in a manner that is consistent with applicable federal and state regulations

This job description is not a contract and confers no contractual rights, privileges, or benefits on any applicant or potential applicant. Bridgewater has the right to change any and all terms of this job description, including, but not limited to, job responsibilities, qualifications and benefits. Nothing in this job description constitutes an offer or guarantee of employment. Please note that we do not provide immigration sponsorship for this position.

Bridgewater Associates, LP is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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