Wireless Product Manager, Chef de produit sans fil, Douala, ZTE Corporation

Wireless Product Manager, Chef de produit sans fil, Douala, ZTE Corporation

Role Responsibilities/ Responsabilités du rôle


Key responsibilities:

1.Responsible for the commissioning, debugging, cutover and acceptance of wireless products (including GU, CDMA&LTE and TDD);

2.Provides technical support and troubleshooting for maintenance during the engineering period.

3.Coordinates wireless product resources and outputs product technology implementation solutions.

4.Serves as a liaison between the pre-sales and after-sales product technical support.

5.Provides skill training for customers.

Job Requirements:

1.Effective communication capability: Effectively communicate with customers about technical solutions, project plans, and progress, and win customer support and recognition.

  1. Technical problem solving capability: Resolve technical problems of the product family through accurate analysis and locating.
  1. Have the capability of outputting technical solutions.

4.Bachelor degree or above majoring in communications, computer science and electronics;

5.Good ability of English listening, speaking, reading and writing.

  1. Having 3 years relevant work experience is preferred;


Please provide your CV in English.

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