Web Developer, Développeur web, Douala, AFRICA RISE MOTION LTD

Web Developer, Développeur web, Douala, AFRICA RISE MOTION LTD

Role Responsibilities/ Responsabilités du rôle

Your Responsibilities May Include

Undergo Job interviews

Manage the team

Work as a part of Agile development team to produce high-quality software

Design both client and server-side architecture solutions

Implement front-end solutions to create delightful user experience for our customers

Write well-structured, reliable, efficient and easily maintainable code

Optimize new and existing code to make the applications more performant and easier to maintain

Write and maintain component tests

Manage and maintain CI/CD pipeline

Troubleshoot, debug and fix issues

Write technical documentation

Work with different teams within F-Secure to deliver cross-team dependencies

You Might Be a Good Fit It

You are a native English speaker with a conversational level in french

You have curiosity about how things work and love to share that knowledge with others

You have experience developing and operating web applications (Vue.js) in production

You have worked for 3+ years as a Full Stack Web Developer or in similar role

You communicate well both verbally and in writing

You love to mentor and model standard methodologies for coding, testing, code review, documentation, debugging, and troubleshooting

Cyber security field excites you, and you want to help protect organizations, society and people from real-world attacks


Our team members are all familiar, skilled, and/or experienced in some of the following:

WordPress development



Falcon or other Python web frameworks

GraphQL, RESTful APIs

JEST, Pytest, Cypress testing frameworks

Docker, Jenkins

Cloud infrastructure such as AWS

Javascript and Python

Software development practices, Git, continuous integration and delivery

Desired certifications


AWS/GCP/MS Azure/IBM Cloud

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