Outsourcing Manager, Responsable de l’externalisation, Douala, ZTE Cameroon

Outsourcing Manager, Responsable de l’externalisation, Douala, ZTE Cameroon

Role Responsibilities/ Responsabilités du rôle

Job Description:

  1. Organize engineering service purchases, formulates, optimizes, and implement scenario-based purchase policies, optimize purchase modes, and improve purchase competitiveness.
  1. Collect and analyze market supply information and competitor information, take the lead in bidding and commercial negotiations, optimize commercial and bidding strategies, and control purchase costs.
  1. Formulate and implement subcontractor management strategies, and provide full-lifecycle management of subcontractor sourcing, subcontractor certification, monitoring, and quitting.
  1. Manage subcontractor performance and optimize subcontractor resources, and formulate and implement subcontractor hierarchy strategies.

Job Requirements:

  1. Bachelor degree or above.
  1. Persons who have been involved in engineering project management are preferred.
  1. Excellent English speaking, listening and writing skills.
  1. Be proficient in communication, telecommunication, and other business knowledge, and have a deep understanding of communication engineering business.
  1. Have strong communication and coordination capabilities, and organize team members and resources as team leaders to achieve purchase objectives.

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