Compliance & Risk Manager – Cameroon, Responsable Conformité & Risques Cameroun, ANTAL INTERNATIONAL

Compliance & Risk Manager – Cameroon, Responsable Conformité & Risques Cameroun, ANTAL INTERNATIONAL

Role Responsibilities/ Responsabilités du rôle

Job Title:                     Compliance & Risk Manager-Cameroon

Industry:                      Fintech

Location:                     Cameroon

Salary:                         Competitive Salary Package + Benefits

Job Purpose:

The role will develop strategy and departmental governance and compliance & risk for the business.




  1. In order to develop and maintain a sound Compliance & Risk framework; a prerequisite for the further growth and development of the Company

Identify and Implement Compliance Monitoring framework and prepare submit compliance status reports to the board on a regular basis.  Closure of Statutory and Internal Audit issues by implementation of agreed audit recommendations.

  1. Business Processes and Controls are reviewed timely in order to ensure maintenance of the appropriate business controls.

Design Gap analysis for all Compliance & Risk processes and controls.

3.Recognition and reporting of suspicious activities in line with the prescribed rules of the Financial Intelligence Unit

Analyze and identify possible money laundering activity reported by operations & Banks

4.Timely responses to various agencies raising Compliance Inquiries.

Respond to Operation’s AML & Compliance inquiries.

So as to complement the direct interventions of the Revenue Assurance Function.

Review and address systems generated and manual AML alerts.

To ensure broad risk mitigation in the business.

Maintain AML/KYC compliance risk data collection, analysis and preparing reports with recommendations to mitigate exposures.

To ensure the upholding of the tenets of Anti Money Laundering and

Investigate suspicious transactions and file Suspicious Activity Reports as required.

To ensure end to end understanding of the prevailing AML and Compliance issues.

Assist and train other departments’ personnel, agents, and dealers on AML & Compliance issues to ensure a compliance culture within the operations.

In order to ensure timely reporting to all relevant stakeholders.

Prepare internal & external compliance reports for the Group compliance office with regard to external and regulatory compliance issues on AML/KYC.

In order to ensure accurate and timely reporting.

Provide all reports and information in a timely and accurate manner.

In order to keep abreast with prevailing AML and Compliance ethos and best practices.

Attend training sessions as required to keep current with regulation changes, partnering bank and policies.

In order to ensure congruence as regards the application of AML rules

Assist in managing, driving and supporting the initiative of AML framework.

In order to ensure seamless on-site and off-site inspections and examinations

Co-ordination of regulatory inspections and examinations.

In order to ensure the Compliance policy and tone is set at the highest possible level.

To advise the Board and create a culture of compliance by ensuring that management and staffs embrace compliance by training.

Performed in conjunction with Regulatory and Legal Departments.

Management on new laws, regulations and applicability.

In order to proactively perceive futuristic Business and Compliance Risks.

Identify and assess the compliance risks associated with the operation’s current and future business activities including new products and services and new business relationship

Educational Qualifications & Functional / Technical Skills

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience, preferably with a major in Finance, Economics, Accounting, IT and/or other related job experience, preferably an MBA

Relevant Experience

5 years of wide-ranging bank experience – 3 years management experience, in either operations, or compliance/audit related activities, with demonstrated understanding of the regulatory environment including Central Bank’s Prudential Guidelines.

Superior software skills, especially in MS Excel, Access, and Word. Successful history of working with software applications. 3+ years of experience working in telecom / banking auditing environment.

Demonstrated experience in interfacing with and communicating information on AML issues to senior management and regulatory bodies.

Strong working knowledge of AML regulations, more specifically in banks and other financial institutions that are regulated by the Central Bank.

Strong understanding of data analysis, auditing and reconciliation methods and procedures

Proven ability to take large amounts of multi-faceted data and create insightful and meaningful information to be used in business decision making

Hands-on Project management skills, any SQL or Oracle experience helpful

Other requirements (Behavioural etc.)

Strong analytical and data interpretation skills

Excellent verbal and written communication, organizational and interpersonal skills

Strong communication skills with all levels of management in a professional capacity

Ability to work effectively under time constraints and deliver results by critical deadlines

Strong capability to pull reports, load information, and trend data

Project & Program management skills

Ability to work seamlessly across businesses and hierarchy levels

Demonstrated high integrity

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