Data & BI Tool application manager, Tema, Vlisco Ghana Cluster

Data & BI Tool application manager, Tema, Vlisco Ghana Cluster

Role Responsibilities/ Responsabilités du rôle


Specifying, designing, setting up and outsourcing and/or self-production of (customised) applications in response to user requirements so that a contribution can be made towards applications, which meet the functional requirements, taking into, account the information infrastructure and data architecture.

Analysing user needs with respect to information

Harmonisation of user requirements, information infrastructure and data architecture

Defining functional specifications with respect future information systems/design of a standard package

Selecting customised or standard packages

Designing systems by means of setting up (parameterisation) of (standard) applications taking into account the functional requirements

Supervising or having direct responsibility for the development of applications

Designing programmes for data conversion

Taking measures to ensure correct use, incl. the drawing up of user instructions and manuals, and measures with respect to security and internal control


Taking responsibility for preparing and implementing tests for systems to ensure proper functioning of these and planning this implementation.

Preparation and implementation of the data conversion in such cases that arise

Drawing up of a test plan and implementation of tests taking into account the technical requirements set and acceptance of end-users

Analysis of findings and re-configuration or modification of programmes

Transfer of the application to the user organisation


Management of various functional applications so that these applications meet the needs and requirements of end-users and are available in conformity with the SLA.

Testing the functioning and the use of applications against the established user requirements and standards and taking preventive or corrective measures

Re-training of end-users

Defining functionality of applications on the basis of the requirements set in response to changes in the organisation or user needs, or on the basis of any problems or incidents identified

Maintaining or modifying applications (functional specifications, application structure, etc.)

Managing documentation and authorisations

Managing (part) of the data

Dealing with incidents in such cases that arise, often under the pressure of time


Supporting and giving advice – requested or unrequested – to the user organisation in respect of requirements /problems with the (existing) configuration of applications so that business processes (and their component parts) are properly supported.

Advising on and translating business processes (and their component parts) into IT solutions

Stimulating improvements with respect to procedures in business processes or initiating Improvements of systems

Implementing various automation (sub-)projects on the basis of a specific area of expertise


Academic level (IT, Degree)

Relevant professional experience (SUN business software) and education in business IT solutions including ERP systems

Relevant professional experience in complex projects

Experience with designing and specifying IT solutions

Experiences in participating in IT projects

Native and English language fluently

French language fluently (optional)

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