Sales Manager, Tema, Blue Carbon Technology Inc.

Sales Manager, Tema, Blue Carbon Technology Inc.

Role Responsibilities/ Responsabilités du rôle

Foreigner sales manager, overseas branch manager, partner (in Ghana and Nigeria )


  1. Develop customers and agents, introduce and sale the company product within Ghana;
  1. Market Research, product research in the same industry, collect customer product feedback;
  1. Customers timely follow-up, maintenance and regular communication;
  1. Making documents after order confirmation, following factory production and transportation with shipping forwarder;
  1. Cooperate with finance to complete tax-refund and reimbursement;
  1. Complete other assignment given by the company.


  1. Major in international trade or marketing will be preferred in priority;
  1. Lead-acid batteries, GEL batteries, lithium batteries, inverters, controllers, solar products sales experience preferred in priority;

Familiar with marketing, good at communication, a strong sense of teamwork


  1. $500 to $700 a month; and the Incentive
  1. Training, studying, tour, group building at home and abroad.

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