Senior Manager Capability & Learning, Douala, MTN

Senior Manager Capability & Learning, Douala, MTN

Role Responsibilities/ Responsabilités du rôle

Mission/ Core purpose of the Job:

Effectively partner with the business to provide learning and development, performance management and organisation development support to enhance organisational effectiveness and performance. Manages the MTNZ Wellness Programme aimed at improving the well-being and productivity of all employees.

Responsible to enable the organizations and employees’ capabilities through:

 Driving the design of clear organizational development strategy integrated with overall business plans for increased organizational effectiveness.

 Leading implementation of performance & talent managements strategic plans aligned with MTN Group guidelines;

 Overseeing the design of training and development strategy as well as the processes and policies that will ensure the alignment with business plans and talent retention strategies.

Context: (Global influences, environmental / industry demands, organizational mission, etc.)

  1. Group and MTNC Mission, C & L policies & procedures
  1. High expectations for MTNC performance from stakeholders
  1. MTNC business plan
  1. Increasing demand upon HR to be an active partner to the business
  1. Changing expectations/Psychological contracts of employees – becoming highly career and growth orientated
  1. Competitor strategies and actions
  1. Scarcity of talent

Role Complexity:

Learning & Development

  1. Reviews MTNC strategic and annual plans, performance appraisal results and Individual Development Plans (IDPs) and liaises with divisions to identify needs for learning and development that facilitate the effective execution of business plans. Prepares and manages annual training calendar and budget for local cross-departmental learning & development

(L&D) activities to meet identified needs and provides support for tracking the implementation of IDPs

  1. Liaises with the MTN Academy and other approved service providers for the delivery of learning and development solutions and manages enrolment, participation, evaluation and certification for HR managed L&D activities in accordance with Group policies, procedures and standards. Provides evaluation reports to the MTN Academy for locally run Academy activities
  1. Supports the business in conducting specific needs and business case analysis for L&D, designing learning solutions and sourcing service providers required to meet identified needs. Advises on learning and development resources available locally, regionally, and internationally
  1. Monitors and maintains Group-wide processes and procedures for measuring the impact of learning and development activities, providing MTNC Management and Group with required reports and statistics as required to aid decision making. Develops robust processes and instruments to support Group procedures as required
  1. Reviews L&D activity evaluation reports and takes action to improve performance.

Talent Management

  1. As Co-custodian of the Leadership Talent Management (LTM) system, provides support to the business in the preparation of talent profiles and preparation and execution of development plans
  1. Develop and manage MTNC talent management processes and procedures for non-management staff to maintain a viable talent pipeline to meet MTNC current and future business needs.
  1. Follow up Talent reviews as per group guidelines and provide and communicate a clear succession plan for identified talent.

Performance Management

  1. Provides support to the line managers for the implementation of the Integrated Performance Framework (IPF), including induction for new staff, facilitating IPF and Achieving Performance Excellence (APE) workshops and providing support to both staff and managers in the preparation of performance agreements and conducting of appraisals.
  1. Leads initiatives to create and enhance awareness and skill amongst line managers to adequately drive IPF activities for their areas, thereby enhancing effectiveness of these activities and compliance with IPF policies
  1. Monitors progress against annual IPF cycle and executes activities to ensure compliance with Group policy and calendar through communications, lobbying line managers and other strategies

Organisation Development

  1. Reviews MTNC strategic and annual plans, liaises with divisions to identify needs for changes to the organisation structures that facilitate the effective execution of business strategy and plans, foster a positive work culture based on the MTN values and Employee Value Proposition, and comply with Group OD policies, and standards
  1. Facilitates restructuring projects, liaising with group HR to ensure compliance with Group OD and change management methodologies and that the new structures comply with Group standards for Operating Units. Provides advisory support to the business regarding optimum job design and staffing levels
  1. Maintains current versions of approved organogram in both electronic and signed-off hard copy purposes of record and reference. Provides relevant information on structures and jobs for various Human Capital and Resourcing activities
  1. Liaises with divisions for the preparation of job profiles according to Group standards, ensuring that job profiles are available for all jobs and are reviewed to reflect any changes in job content. Maintains a library of job profiles for purposes of reference
  1. Participates in and manages job evaluation projects in compliance with Group methodologies and standards, and provides information related to Work and Hay levels to Human Capital for purposes of remuneration and benefits administration
  1. Provides change management support for major organisational change programmes within MTNC, ensuring compliance with Group change management methodologies and best practice in order to achieve optimum change performance and return from resources invested
  1. Manages annual Group Culture Audit (GCA) for MTNC, ensuring that all relevant communications are made, adequate support is provided to respondents, targeted response rates are achieved and results are disseminated on a timely basis
  1. Reviews results of annual GCA and prepares draft plan of action to enhance the performance of all dimensions that require remediation in support of staff commitment, identification and ownership. Monitors the implementation of approved annual GCA action plan and provides updates.
  1. Reviews organisational climate and culture and designs, plans and coordinates the implementation of approved internal branding and cultural management programmes that enhance MTNC’s corporate brand and reputation in the market by enhancing staff commitment, identification and ownership. Participates in and manages roll out of any Group-wide culture management programmes

Engagement and Recognition

  1. Manages the MTNC Employee Engagement Program aimed at improving the well-being and productivity of all employees, through the enhancement of all aspects of health, increase awareness of positive health behaviors, to motivate employees to voluntarily adopt healthier behaviors and to provide opportunities and a supportive environment to foster positive lifestyle changes. To come up with employee engagement actions and activities to keep staff motivated and engaged at all times.
  1. Oversees the MTN Shine programme and Recognition Programs to ensure that they are administered according to Group and MTNC policy and calendar, and that local award ceremonies are properly organised.


  1. Bachelors Degree in Human Resource Management, Industrial Psychology or Business Administration
  1. Practitioner Certificate in OD

3 .A Masters degree in Human Resources Management an added advantage (Essential if first degree not in HR)


  1. 7 years experience in HR
  1. Experience in C&L, Performance Management and OD
  1. Preferably with experience in a commercial telecommunications environment


  1. Consulting process
  1. Job Analysis
  1. Organisation Design and Development (OD)
  1. Job Evaluation (Hay Certification)
  1. Performance Management
  1. Change Management (Leading Bold Change or other current MTN methodology)
  1. Management Development
  1. Leadership (LEAP or other current MTN leadership training)
  1. Financial and Budget management
  1. Survey design and data management
  1. Problem solving & Decision Making
  1. Employee Relations
  1. Legal Aspects of HR



  1. Labour Laws
  1. C&L, Performance Management, OD and Engagement practices

Hard Skills & physical competencies:

  1. Strategic agility
  1. Consulting process
  1. Job Analysis
  1. Job design
  1. Organisation Design and Development (OD)
  1. Job Evaluation
  1. Performance Management
  1. Change Management

Behavioural qualities:

  1. Achiever
  1. Bright
  1. Collaborative
  1. Confident
  1. Creative
  1. Communicates well
  1. Customer centric
  1. Detail orientated
  1. Develops people
  1. Takes initiative

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