Associate/Director Business Development, Accra, Growfaster2020 ~ Live Life on Purpose

Associate/Director Business Development, Accra, Growfaster2020 ~ Live Life on Purpose

Role Responsibilities/ Responsabilités du rôle

Are you disillusioned and frustrated with what you currently do?

Are you looking to gain more flexibility and autonomy in how and where you work?

Do you believe that you are capable of achieving so much more?

Do you feel you are worth much more than you are being paid?

Have you always dreamt of Being your Own Boss but were never quite sure where to begin?

Are you looking for personal growth and financial freedom?

“Hi. I’ve been an international business accountant and consultant for 30+ years, and was that very person, feeling disillusioned with what I was doing and knowing that I was capable of so much more, frustrated by the limitations I faced to grow personally and earn more financially in line with what I felt I was worth. I didn’t really know what options were out there, until I literally stumbled across this business and it was a game changer for me. I discovered a business model and income opportunity, that gave me the flexibility I was looking for and the time freedom to decide my own schedule, where I can now live my life on purpose growing personally and thriving financially. I know I am not alone, and there are many people like me, facing similar frustrations and limitations and looking for a viable alternative to what they currently do, both in terms of personal growth and financial independence”

~ Ricky Weir

What We Offer

~ Flexibility as to when you can work.

~ Mobility as to where you can work from.

~ Education tools for your own personal growth and mindset education.

~ Participation in an unique community of like minded business entrepreneurs.

~ Possibility to earn a substantial income.

Who We Are Looking For?

~ You are ambitious, motivated and willing to work towards your goals in life.

~ You are keen to grow and learn.

~ You are confident in your own ability.

~ You are willing to invest in your future success.

~ You are capable of being a leader.

Our Purpose & Products

We Educate You on How to Grow Personally and Thrive Financially, using our award winning Personal Development and Wealth Creation online courses and live/virtual events, which educate you on how to Create a Mindset for achieving success in your life.

If this sounds like you and resonates with where you are at right now in your life/career, then please apply below.


Candidates MUST answer ALL the Questions accurately to be considered for an interview.

Also, to be clear this is NOT a traditional salaried job role nor is it suitable for students or recent graduates. You should have at least 2-3 years full-time working experience before applying.

What we do offer is a unique opportunity to do something for yourself (but not by yourself) building your own online global business using our product licence and bespoke business model. No prior experience is necessary and you will receive comprehensive training and ongoing support and mentorship.

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