Network Optimization Engineer (3G), Ingénieur Optimisation Réseau (3G), Brazzaville, ZTE Corporation

Network Optimization Engineer (3G), Ingénieur Optimisation Réseau (3G), Brazzaville, ZTE Corporation

Role Responsibilities/ Responsabilités du rôle

[Position]: Network Optimization Engineer (3G)

[Language]: English & French

[Location]: Brazzaville, Congo B


  1. Network management operation, TOP cell processing and signaling analysis, familiar with processing batch parameters.
  1. Output routine maintenance report.
  1. Troubleshoot the User Complain related 3G.
  1. Independent network promotion plan and implementation.
  1. Cooperate with other teams to handle Network faulty.
  1. Take full responsibility for the 3G Domain ensure all related KPI/SLA achieve target value.
  1. Other tasks assigned by technical director.
  1. DT Log analysis with Teams discovery.
  1. Independent finished the config and optimise for New site on air.


  1. Technical team management (second-line support team).
  1. Skilled in handling inter-frequency interoperability strategies.
  1. Excellent skills in using Office software.
  1. Have a deep understanding of the UMTS network protocol.
  1. Familiar with using NETMAX / Wire shark / Scanner / TEMS.
  1. Excellent site troubleshooting skills.
  1. Excellent communication skills.
  1. More than 5 years experience in optimization domain.

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