CS Core & Roaming Engineer, Ingénieur CS Core & Roaming, Brazzaville, ZTE Corporation

CS Core & Roaming Engineer, Ingénieur CS Core & Roaming, Brazzaville, ZTE Corporation

Role Responsibilities/ Responsabilités du rôle

[Position]: CS Core & Roaming Engineer

[Language]: English & French

[Location]: Brazzaville, Congo B


  1. Daily health check for assigned CS & Roaming elements in telecom operator’s network.
  1. Output routine maintenance report.
  1. Troubleshoot the CS & Roaming related outages happened in telecom operator’s network.
  1. Implement the CS & Roaming related configuration/upgradation/cut over which are under maintenance scope.
  1. Cooperate with other teams to handle telecom outages.
  1. Take full responsibility for the CS-Networks Domain ensure all CS related KPI/SLA achieve target value.
  1. Business continuity planning , disaster recovery and testing for CS domain.
  1. Other tasks assigned by technical director.


  1. Technology Team Management (2nd line Support Team).
  1. Ability to design a large network with complex network technology.
  1. Excellent TCP/ IP, 3GPP, Voice and Signaling, SIP skills.
  1. Strong understanding of mobile telecom networks.
  1. Experience with Ericsson MSC/HLR/HSS/PG/MGW/SBC technology.
  1. Excellent skills in Configuring and troubleshooting CS & Roaming Nodes.
  1. Experience with OSS.
  1. Excellent communication skills.

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