Healthcare Worker, Travailleur de la santé, Douala, Nkap Payeur CMR

Healthcare Worker, Travailleur de la santé, Douala, Nkap Payeur CMR

Role Responsibilities/ Responsabilités du rôle

we need a limited number of graduates/students/intern (who are general practitioners , pharmacists, Nurses , dentists and lab technicians) For a project which aims at offering free health care, free track of each person’s individual medical history records , birth rates, death rates . Alongside, a possibility for every individual to be able to keep track of their health data with no worries and with very high accuracy.

Job description: Collecting and recording of data

Project summary:

Our platform keeps track of an individual’s medical record from Day 1. We also have a digital blood bank recording and collection system where, through our platforms ,we reach out to users to donate blood in specific state authorized institutions this data is in turn record on our databases , hence providing a 24/7 ready blood bank with all varieties of blood groups record. We also provide smart card for every individual free of charge with a QR code that caries basic inform like their blood group 🩸, known allergies, Physical description, known conditions , hence, reducing fatal accidents related to poor or incomplete health data during emergencies .

With these smart cards users can provide a full record of their medical history(cases, prescriptions etc) where ever they go to any institution required with the correct names of the and data collected, we have produced A.P.I.s which can be further integrated into different systems for various health reasons and scientific research. Data which will be available for medical personnels and scientific research institutions.

We aim to make our services and each of its tools free of charge to every medical personnel at any given time in Human History (on a serious note)

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