Administrative Coordinator, Cameroon, Coordinateur administratif, Cameroun, The Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc. (CHAI)

Administrative Coordinator, Cameroon, Coordinateur administratif, Cameroun, The Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc. (CHAI)

Role Responsibilities/ Responsabilités du rôle


The Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc. (CHAI) is a global health organization committed to saving lives and reducing the burden of disease in low-and middle-income countries while strengthening the capabilities of governments and the private sector in those countries to create and sustain high-quality health systems that can succeed without our assistance. For more information, please visit:

CHAI began work in Cameroon in 2007, with a focus on improving access to lifesaving HIV diagnosis, treatment, and care through the introduction and scaling up of pediatric and second-line antiretroviral therapy (ART) and improve laboratory systems to better diagnose the disease, including Early Infant Diagnosis (EID). Over the years, CHAI has extended its support to help the government in its efforts to save the lives of women and infants through mentoring of service providers and increasing access to long-acting contraceptives to help women safely plan their families. In addition, CHAI is helping the government to improve the country’s cold chain supply system so it can effectively introduce new vaccines as well as expand coverage of existing ones. Furthermore, CHAI is supporting the government in critical areas including, improving access to medical oxygen, cancer services as well as improving taking integrated health care services to missed communities in target municipalities in the country. Moreover, CHAI has been actively involved in supporting the government in its drive to to develop a system of universal health coverage that will enable the country to provide affordable, quality care to all.

To better accomplish its mission, The Clinton Health Access Initiative, (CHAI) Cameroon is seeking a highly motivated, results-oriented individual with strong problem solving and analytical skills to fill the post of Administrative Coordinator for the organization. The successful candidate should have excellent analytical skills, function independently, be self-motivated, be able to thrive in challenging environments, and have a strong commitment to excellence.

Position Overview:

The Administrative Coordinator shall be responsible for the Office’s day to day operations, including Compliance; Office Administration; program budgeting; Contracts; HR & Payroll; ICT; Procurement; Logistics and safety and security in accordance with corporate policies, strategies, plans, and decisions made by Country, Regional and Global Teams. They shall facilitate the delivery of CHAI’s program by ensuring timely and effective operations-related support to achieve results. They shall ensure and guide the appropriate application of systems and procedures and develop enhancements if and when necessary.

The Administrative Coordinator will report to the Country Representative. They will follow country and CHAI regional operations guidelines.

The ideal candidate for this role will have outstanding analytical, organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills to support the operational, human resources, administrative aspects of the program. The candidate must be able to function independently and flexibly and have the demonstrated ability to lead in a challenging professional environment. CHAI places great value on relevant personal qualities such as resourcefulness, entrepreneurialism, tenacity, independence, humility, passion for the mission, and strong work ethic.

This position is based in Yaoundé and may require travel to various regions in the country.

Key End result of the position:

  • Adequate systems for Compliance, Office Administration & ICT, Program budgeting, HR & Payroll, Procurement & Contracting, Logistics are in place at CHAI’s Cameroon office and strengthened as required to facilitate the delivery of CHAI’s program and achievement of results.
  • Effective coordination, communication, collaboration established are maintained across CHAI and with in-country stakeholders, for effective and efficient operations that are fully compliant with both CHAI’s internal control procedures and with national policies/regulations.
  • Basic office services are effectively provided to enhance staff safety and productivity.


  • Compliance

The Administrative Coordinator will ensure that CHAI Cameroon is aligned with existing Governmental regulations as they apply to CHAI. They will maintain a close relationship with the legal counsel and government counterparts (eg: DGI, MINTSS, etc.) to know about possible alterations in Cameroonian law. They will ensure and promote a strong internal control environment throughout the organization, to strengthen its core values and address any perceived weakness. In consultation with the Management at the Country and Regional level, they will develop and apply SOPs and thoroughly review and update current policies to adapt to the country context and CHAI principles. They will provide clear guidance to CHAI Cameroon staff on best practices and compliance with all applicable policies and regulations. With the support of the Country Representative, they will develop and submit CHAI’s programmatic annual reports to the Cameroon government following consultation with the country team.

  • HR Operations & Payroll

The Administrative Coordinator will assist the country in drafting and signing contracts for new hires and other services providers (contractors) following Cameroon government regulations as applicable to CHAI. They will ensure proper onboarding and guide the new incumbent in understanding CHAI’s policies and procedures to better streamline communication within the staff. They will maintain a database of all Contracts, including a calendar of all upcoming expirations of employment contracts, ensuring timely renewals and action taken as needed. They will liaise with legal advisors to process or renew work and residency permits for international staff. They will calculate the severance package for Cameroon staff. They will also monitor and register: Staff presence/leave/travel; Office closure due to holidays and security concerns; Staff training certificates; Any other relevant matters (e.g.: signature of liability for driving, etc.). Also, They will follow up monthly with the payroll provider, ensuring that payroll files are uploaded in Box and reviewed, that all statutory payroll deductions (taxes, CNPS, etc.) have been paid in compliance with CHAI’s internal policies & procedures as well as Cameroon’s legislation as it applies to CHAI, and that payroll slips are shared with employees.

  • Office Administration & ICT

The Administrative Coordinator will securely maintain electronically and in hard copy, logically filed and comprehensive HR (incl. payroll), contracting, procurement documentation that are compliant with both CHAI’s internal policies & procedures and with Cameroon’s legislation as it applies to CHAI. They will maintain effective internal and external communication with all stakeholders in the Cameroon Operations. They will develop and maintain a vendor’s log, systematically perform a security check (watchdog) for all new vendors and update this log quarterly. They will process travel and program/cash advances for all staff with the approval of the country manager. They will manage the provision of basic office services including space management, logistic, equipment, and communications to enhance staff safety and productivity (incl. a functional local phone and SIM card for all staff members). Moreover, they will assist in identifying and proposing appropriate office accommodations, (i.e., ensures maintenance of premises, security of staff, office premises, equipment, and supplies including in times of emergency). Also, the Administrative Coordinator will be responsible for managing CHAI’s Cameroon office (supplies, utilities, cleaning, maintenance, insurance, rent, etc.)

  • Procurement & Contracting

They are to spearhead the acquisition of all expendable and non-expendable assets (administrative and/or program supplies) and also the drafting and signing of any contract required by Programs or Operations, ensuring that contract process and/or procurement is made according to the organization’s rules, regulations and procedures with corresponding files on record. Also, they will develop and maintain an asset inventory log, to track their utilization and disposal.

  • Budgeting Support:

The Administrative Coordinator will assist in the drafting of the program and proposal budgets.

  • Logistics

They will be responsible for ensuring smooth logistical management and coordination of ground travel in Cameroon. This includes ensuring the availability and implementation of adequate procedures for managing vehicles & drivers to support CHAI staff in performing their duties.

  • Safety & Security

They will be appointed Safety Point Person (SPP) and will be responsible for:

  1. Sharing S&S Updates: Actively monitors threats and vulnerabilities directly and through security networks/contacts, informing staff and S&S Dept. when credible risks are identified. Informs S&S Dept. of operations changes with S&S implications.
  2. Keeping Track of Staff Member Travels: Ensures system in place to track all CHAI-related travels (including Global Team and HQ travel and in-country movements)
  3. Maintaining Country S&S Materials: Ensures this document and Visitor Overview reflect current risks and operations.
  4. Conducting Safety Briefings: Update and Shares Visitor Overviews with all incoming visitors before arrival and provides relevant information upon arrival. Ensures all staff receive SSG.
  5. Responding to Incidents: SPPs assists staff in the aftermath of incidents and ensure that proper notifications are made. All incidents are documented using an Incident Report Form.
  • Other Responsibilities:

Perform any other duty related to the work area assigned by the supervisor.


Bachelor’s degree in business administration, economics, accounting, or other relevant fields

Minimum of 5 years of professional experience in office administration, management/HR in a rigorous organization

Strong familiarity with management and exposure to various management tools

Familiar with Cameroonian legislation (labor, tax, etc)

Excellent organizational and problem-solving skills

Strong communication skills, including the ability to prepare compelling presentations

Ability to multi-task and to be effective in high-pressure situations

Resourceful and result-oriented mindset, including the ability to work independently, self-motivate, and propose and implement new initiatives

Rigorous and detail-oriented that can deliver very high-quality work, including written reports, and spreadsheets

Strong commitment to CHAI’s and the team’s mission and CHAI’s values, dedicated team player

Ability and willingness to work with discretion in confidential matters

Exceptional English and French communications skills, both written and oral


Masters in Business administration, finance or accounting will be a plus

Experience working with government/public sector in resource-limited settings

Knowledge of public health, including experience managing health programs in resource-limited settings

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