Project team leader(Intern), Chef d’équipe projet (Stagiaire), Douala, Huawei

Project team leader(Intern), Chef d’équipe projet (Stagiaire), Douala, Huawei

Role Responsibilities/ Responsabilités du rôle


project delivery, coordinate the customer, supervisor, and subcontracting parties, and participate in the negotiation between the customer and supervisor.

Professional Knowledge:

  1. Bachelor’s degree and above. Majors in computer, communications, and electronics are preferred. Proficient in using office software.
  1. At least three years of project management and implementation experience in the ICT industry, with a system integration project management certificate or project manager certificate preferred.

Be familiar with safe city and data center projects and have basic ICT knowledge.

Other requirements:

  1. Have strong communication and coordination capabilities with customers (coordinating with customers, supervisors, and subcontractors), participate in the negotiation between customers and supervisors, and have successful cases.
  1. Be familiar with the project delivery process, have rich experience in project delivery and project management, and independently lead a team is preferred.
  1. English and French may be used as working languages

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