Executive Secretary (Regional Coordinator), Secrétaire Exécutif (Coordinateur Régional), Yaoundé, Global Water Partnership

Executive Secretary (Regional Coordinator), Secrétaire Exécutif (Coordinateur Régional), Yaoundé, Global Water Partnership


The Global Water Partnership (GWP) is a global action network of partners supporting countries and regions in the sustainable development and management of water and related resources worldwide. GWP was created to foster the implementation of integrated water resources management (IWRM).

GWPs vision is for a water secure world, where all water needs and demands are assured. GWP provides its Partners around the world with a neutral platform to uphold the core values of inclusiveness, openness, transparency, accountability, respect, gender sensitivity, and solidarity, and realize its mission to advance the governance and management of water resources for sustainable and equitable development.

The GWP network is supported by a global secretariat (Global Water Partnership Organisation (GWPO), an intergovernmental organization based in Sweden) and is composed of more than 65 Country Water Partnerships (CWPs) and 13 Regional Water Partnerships (RWPs), which bring together GWP partners at their level and facilitate the implementation of coordinated actions by governmental and non-governmental actors.

The Central Africa Regional Water Partnership (GWP-CAf) is a Regional Water Partnership and as such brings together GWP network partners in the region, including governmental, non-governmental, research, and private sector institutions. GWP-CAf supports the implementation of GWP’s strategic objectives in Central Africa, and is currently implementing its three-year work program for the period 2020-2022, based on the GWP Network’s 2020-2025 strategy.

GWP-CAf works closely with the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS),

Transboundary Basin Organizations and other key regional institutions in Central Africa.

GWP-CAf supports the Country Water Partnerships established in 5 countries of the region,

and more broadly supports all countries and partners in the region in the sustainable

development and management of their water resources.

GWP-CAf has a governance structure comprising the following structures:

 General Assembly, the highest decision-making body gathering all GWP partners in the

region and meeting every two years.

 Presidency, official representative of GWP Central Africa.

 Steering Committee, body that gives strategic orientations for the work of the secretariat,

in accordance with the orientations of the General Assembly.

 Scientific and Technical Committee (TEC), an advisory body that deals with prospective

analysis, lessons learned and quality assurance for all key activities (programs and

projects) of GWP-CAf.

 The GWP-CAf Secretariat, with approximately four permanent staff, is responsible for the

overall coordination, day-to-day management and administration of GWP-CAf’s CORE

and programmatic activities, and is headed by the Executive Secretary. The secretariat

also includes 4 project staff for the implementation of the WACDEP-Gender project, and

is currently hosted by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Cameroon office.

GWP Central Africa has been implementing several programs related to Integrated Water

Resources Management (IWRM) and climate change for over a decade. The region intends to

expand its programmatic activities to contribute to new and emerging global and regional

challenges such as climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Currently,

it is implementing the Water, Climate and Development for Gender Equality Program

(WACDEP-G) in Africa and supporting countries in the Region in planning for climate change

adaptation, and in mobilizing funds for water sector investments.

The region is also working on developing portfolios on the Sustainable Development Goals

(SDGs), disaster risk management (Early Warning System), food security in a « NEXUS »

context with water-food-energy-ecosystem linkages, and youth engagement, among others.


The Executive Secretary is the head of the Regional Secretariat based in Yaoundé, Cameroon,

and is responsible, in accordance with the GWP-CAf Constitution:

To the Regional Steering Committee (RSC) and its Chairperson for the strategic direction

and development of GWP CAf, for the implementation of the Regional Work Program and

Annual Work Plans, as well as for supporting GWP CAf and the NSPs in the region to

achieve their water security objectives.

To the GWPO for effective planning and implementation of the GWP Global Strategy and

its Work Program, as well as for the administrative and financial management of GWPCAf.

To the Host Institution for the execution of the Host Institution Agreement (HIA).


The Executive Secretary is responsible for:

Triennial Work Program and its implementation

 Based on the strategic directions of the General Assembly and the Steering Committee

(SC), he/she is responsible for all aspects of the development, implementation, reporting,

financial management and administration of GWP-CAf’s Triennial Work Program and its

Annual Work Plan, in collaboration with GWP partners in the region and other strategic

regional institutions;

 Develop and maintain effective working relationships and synergies, and strengthen

collaboration with strategic and funding partners, and existing CWPs;

 Support existing Country Water Partnerships (CWPs) and support the establishment of

new CWPs in accordance with the GWP-CAf Annual Work Plan;

 Ensure fundraising for work plan activities, networking to find fruitful partnerships with

other organizations and coordinating preparation of project proposals. Coordinate the

mobilization of regional level funds for GWP-CAf and for programs with CWPs;

 Ensure alignment of GWP-CAf programs and projects with the global strategic

framework of the GWP network, and provide oversight and guidance to program/project

managers at regional and country levels;

 Coordinate, liaise and work closely with the GWPO Network Officer to ensure timely

preparation of regional inputs to global development processes, development of

synergies within the GWP network and knowledge development and sharing across the

GWP network;

 Coordinate the activities of the Scientific and Technical Committee (TEC) at the national

and regional levels to support the implementation of the GWP-CAf and CWPs Work Plans;

 Ensure effective networking, communication and information sharing among GWP

Partners and CWPs in the region, including the promotion of lessons learned among GWP

Partners, CWPs, other RWPs and GWPO.

Secretariat Management

 Responsible for the management and administration of the GWP-CAf Secretariat (in

collaboration with the Host Institution and GWPO) to ensure the effective development

and implementation of GWP-CAf programs, as well as to ensure high quality professional

service to partners and other organizations;

 Ensure that the Regional Secretariat is staffed with high quality professionals, and are

motivated to provide high quality professional service to its partners;

 Coordinate, liaise and work closely with the host institution for the Regional Secretariat

to ensure the efficient operation of the Regional Secretariat.

Regional Governance

 Report to the Chair and Steering Committee (SC) on the status of implementation of GWPCAf activities through annual narrative and financial reports;

 Act as secretary to the Steering Committee and the General Assembly of Partners,

participating in meetings with voice but no vote;

 Prepare and facilitate SC and General Assembly meetings at the request of the

Chairperson, and organize and prepare the necessary documents for all governance


 Support the Chair and SC to ensure compliance with GWP accreditation requirements for

CWPs and RWPs, as well as with the GWP-CAf Statutes;

 Liaise and consult with the Chair on matters related to fundraising and implementation

of SC decisions;

 Any other responsibilities assigned by the Chair.


The ideal candidate for the position of Executive Secretary of GWP-CAf should have the

following qualifications and abilities:

 Advanced degree (minimum BAC+5) in any of the following fields: Natural resources

management, water management, social and economic development, environmental and

social sciences, engineering or any other equivalent educational background;

 At least 8 years of experience in the implementation of development projects/programs,

including five (5) years in the Central African region;

 Demonstrated experience in project development, implementation and

monitoring/evaluation – with a focus on results and impact;

 Demonstrated ability to develop strategic partnerships with organizations and work

collaboratively with governance bodies such as the Steering Committee, etc ;

 At least 3 years of experience in the field of water resources management;

 Knowledge of the international and regional IWRM context, and of the main international

organizations involved, will be an added advantage;

 Human resource management and leadership skills are essential, including excellent

organizational and analytical skills, prioritization, and meeting deadlines;

 Flexible, diplomatic, friendly and cooperative personality with a sensitive approach to

national and regional political environments;

 Ability to work in complex situations and facilitate multi-stakeholder platforms and


 Good internal and external oral and written communication with diverse audiences;

 Good understanding of national government economic development processes and

experience working with governmental development programs;

 Fluency in written and spoken French and English. Knowledge of other regional

languages (Spanish, Portuguese) will be an advantage;

 Good computer and internet skills, and proficiency in Microsoft Office tools (Excel, Word,

power point, etc.).;

 Experience in facilitating virtual meetings is appreciated.


Interested candidates should prepare and submit a letter of motivation (addressed to the

GWP-CAf Chair) and their curriculum vitae (with names and contacts of references) to the email address recruit-cam@wwfcam.org with a copy to sguebanda@gmail.com clearly

indicating « Application for the position of Executive Secretary (Regional Coordinator) of

GWP Central Africa ».

Applications must be submitted electronically no later than 5:00 p.m. (Cameroon

time) on August 08th, 2021. This call for applications is open to any individual in the Central

Africa region who is a national of one of the GWP member countries in Central Africa

(Cameroon, Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon,

and Sao Tome and Principe).

Female applicants are strongly encouraged to apply. Please note that only short-listed

candidates will be contacted.

recruit-cam@wwfcam.org / sguebanda@gmail.com

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