SCHOOL DRIVERS, PILOTES chauffeur SCOLAIRES, Douala Logbessou, Emergence Schools

SCHOOL DRIVERS, PILOTES chauffeur SCOLAIRES, Douala Logbessou, Emergence Schools

Job description


The Obligations of the Driver

The driver commits to:

      Devote his time and his professional activity to the services related to his function;

      To conform to the instructions of the present guide and regulations, and to those relating to the execution of his service;

      Comply with the Barrier Measures of the COVID-19 ordered by the government;

      Dress clean and decent (Black pants, black shoe closed, Polo shirt or shirt always on);

      Drop off files and car keys at the security guard at the reception desk against discharge;




      Fulfil in all loyalty its professional obligations;

      To submit to all the rules of discipline and to the respect of the strictest professional secrecy;

      Not serve the competition during the duration of the contract, and, at least 06 months from the expiration date of the signature of his contract.

      Drivers present themselves at the time indicated at the establishment, sign the attendance sheet, by carefully mentioning the time of arrival, or pass the detector by bar code ;

      After retrieving the file of the vehicle, and making sure that the vehicle is in the right conditions to circulate (Spare wheel, wedge and triangle, Crack and crank, Wheel keys, Fuel level, Oil level, Water level, battery, headlights, turn signals, brake light, seats, steering, stabilization and others), it can take the road;

      Should any anomaly occur, the driver must report it as soon as possible so that appropriate measures can be taken quickly. Fill in the needs and fault report form in good time;

      To make sure that the vehicle records are updated according to the category of the vehicle and the tasks (valid car stickers, vehicle registration, valid technical visit, insurance, parking and others);

      To pick up the children of the Logbessou Bilingual Kindergarten and Primary School Emergence for school at regular hours;

      To pick up the children of the Logbessou Emergence Bilingual Pre-nursery and Primary School for their homes at regular hours;

      Once the first child is on board, the driver must activate the hazard warning lights (double flashing) in order to indicate the delicate nature of his activity;

      Always drive on the itinerary entrusted to him for the pick-up and drop-off of the children unless authorized by the Administration for another itinerary;

      Throughout his journey, the driver must not exceed a speed of 50km/hour;

      Avoid abusive stops at the side of the road for personal needs;

      The driver, or at least his companion, must ensure the safety of the children both when embarking and disembarking;

      Avoid picking up foreigners in his vehicle without authorization;

      After the morning pick-up, the driver must immediately go to the waiting room provided by the School in order to avoid abusive exits that could lead to sanctions for unauthorized absence during service hours;


Driver Requirements:

      A valid driver\’s license.

      1-year driving experience.

      Extensive knowledge of the operating area.

      Physical strength and ability to lift up to 70 pounds.

      Excellent organizational and time management skills.

      Exceptional interpersonal skills.

      Good verbal communication.

      Proficiency using GPS devices

Work conditions

      Availability: Must be available to oversee the running and welfare of all the buses and vehicles owned by the School and their Drivers.

Working hours: It is a Full time Appointment Flexibility is required to meet the needs of the School as working hours vary, with long hours and possibly shifts including weekends common.

Location: Logbessou – Douala – Cameroon.


Skills and qualities

  • Ability to appraise and use IT packages and electronic communication methods.
  • Tact, diplomacy and calmness, especially when dealing with tired drivers and disgruntled Parents.
  • Excellent geographical knowledge.
  • Good people management and coordination skills.
  • Excellent negotiation and communication skills.
  • Extensive knowledge of the transportation of children.
  • Good intuition to make crucial judgment calls.









Specific Qualifications required

      Open to non-graduates and graduates of any discipline.

      Some experience in the transport sector will be an added advantage.


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